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Safety Supplies & Equipment

Making sure that everyone makes it home every night is the most important thing on a job site. Let Western Equipment help you with all of the proper safety gear and manufacture training, all at a great price.

Western Equipment industrial safety supplies and safety gear

Head and Face Equipment

At Western Equipment, we want to make sure that all construction workers properly protect their head and face while working on the job site. That is why we carry a large supply of hard hats, eye glasses/protection, and face shields.

Respiratory Equipment

For those tough, hard to breathe in environments, we offer a variety of different full and half face masks, as well as contained breathers. The respiratory face masks that we carry range in use from simply keeping out dust to protecting you from harsh chemical vapours. No matter what your work environment is like, we can help you find the right facemask for you.

First Aid Equipment

One of the most important pieces of equipment to have on any job site is a first aid kit. At Western Equipment, we want to help you ensure that your work environment is safe. We stock everything from first aid kits to bondmaids, from bandages to first aid room equipment, and everything in between.

Fall Protection Equipment

For job sites that involve working at an altitude, we carry a variety of fall protection equipment, designed to keep everyone safe on the job site. Some of our fall protection products include harnesses, lanyards, rope, and roofing kits. We even offer our customers training in fall protection and confined space recovery, and equipment inspection services.

Ear protection Equipment

At Western Equipment, we understand that there are few things noisier in this world than a construction site. That is why we carry a range of earplugs and earmuffs, so that you can protect your ears from any loud and harmful sounds.