Honeywell Hard Hats

Western Equipment offers a wide selection of Honeywell products for sale, including a variety of Honeywell hard hats and welding masks. All Honeywell welding masks and hard hats are made from fibre-metal for reliable protection in even the harshest working conditions.

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Honeywell Fibre-Metal Products

Choosing the right head protection can help protect your workers from potential injuries caused by falling objects, collision impact, debris, electric shock, and welding flashes. Honeywell's line of fibre-metal products are designed to provide total safety, as well as long-lasting comfort, innovative design, and excellent performance in a variety of different industries—utilities, construction, manufacturing, oil, mining, etc.

Honeywell Safety Products Calalogue

Honeywell Safety Products Catalogue

View Honeywell's top sellers catalogue for the best in head-to-toe protection.

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Honeywell Fibre-Metal Safety Helmet

Thanks to its unique design, the Honeywell Fibre-Metal Safety Helmet provides extra safety by delivering superior impact absorption, secondary eye protection, greater visibility, as well as enhanced comfort and style. All Honeywell Fibre-Metal Safety Helmets come complete with a certified polycarbonate visor for added eye protection that fits comfortably over safety glasses or goggles. This type of Honeywell hard hat also features a micro brim for optimal visibility in the field.

Tigerhood Classic

Tigerhood Classic is a fibre-metal welding helmet designed to provide extended throat protection for blocking fumes and smoke from the welder's face, as well as a flip front for better visibility. This type of Honeywell fibre-metal welding helmet also ensures fewer workplace injuries by providing enhanced performance and comfort. Tigerhood Classic helps welders do their job better and is known for its high welder satisfaction rating.

Tigerhood Futura

Welders depend on the reliability and quality of fibre-metal welding helmets to help them make better welds with fewer injuries and for less money. Tigerhood Futura features the latest in welding helmet technology and performance, including a lightweight design for comfort made from a sturdy and durable material for an extended service life. Tigerhood Futura welding helmets are also designed to work with spectacles or respirators, allowing welders to make more quality welds with less downtime.

Honeywell Hard Hats & Welding Masks from Western Equipment

At Western Equipment, we understand how important it is to select the best hard hat or welding mask for the job at hand. That is why we are proud to carry a selection of Honeywell fibre-metal products for sale. No matter what industry you work in, our dedicated team can help you choose the right Honeywell hard hats and welding masks for your requirements. Get in touch with the Western Equipment branch nearest you to find out more information about our selection of Honeywell fibre-metal products.