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Western Equipment is proud to carry Honeywell products like Honeywell Uvex® safety glasses, including Honeywell A700 safety glasses and Honeywell OTG safety glasses, which are uniquely designed to provide superior safety for enhanced workplace productivity.

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Honeywell Safety Glasses

Honeywell Uvex® offers a line of safety eyewear products that combine innovations, advanced technological capabilities, and superior designs to deliver the highest levels of style, comfort, fit, durability, and protection in all working conditions. All Honeywell glasses provide superior eye protection that meet and exceed the required safety standards, keeping your eyes safe from dust, heat, chemical splashes, optical radiation, and other impact hazards.

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Honeywell Safety Products Catalogue

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Uvex® A700 Series

The Honeywell safety glasses A700 series provides users with a lightweight solution combined with distortion-free protection against certain hazards in the workplace. These Honeywell Uvex® products are available in two different lens coating options: anti-scratch hardcoat and Uvextra® fog-resistant coatings for both clear and gray lenses. Thanks to their 9-base wraparound frames and soft, flexible temple pads, Uvex® A700 safety glasses offer a secure fit. All Uvex® A700 series safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 certified.

Uvex® Avatar OTG

Uvex® Avatar OTG (over the glasses) safety glasses provide a stylish ultra-light design that incorporates unique weight distribution technology for one of the most comfortable and stylish safety glasses on the market. In addition to providing a comfortable and stylish fit, Honeywell OTG safety glasses also offer optimal protection and are designed to meet and exceed all ANSI Z87.1 - 2020 and Z94.3 - 2015 standards. All Uvex® Avatar OTG safety glasses are available in anti-reflective and hardcoat lens, as well as three different frame colours and two different lens tints.

Uvex® Astrospec OTG 3001

The Uvex® OTG 3001 provides lightweight panoramic lens with an attractive over-the-glasses styling that fits comfortably over most pairs of prescription eyewear. This type of Honeywell OTG safety glasses also comes with an economical lens replacement system and a lifetime frame guarantee. All Uvex® OTG 3001 safety glasses are tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard and are ANSI Z87.1+ 2015 and CA 18:827 - Brazil certified.

Honeywell Uvex® Safety Glasses from Western Equipment

At Western Equipment, we strive to only provide our customers with the best safety glasses the market has to offer. That is why we are proud to carry a selection of Honeywell Uvex® safety glasses for sale. No matter what industry you work in or what hazards you face on a daily basis, we can help you select the perfect Honeywell safety glasses for the job. Get in touch with the Western Equipment branch nearest you to learn more about our selection of Honeywell Uvex® products.