3 Important Questions About Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection | February 14, 2023

Hearing is something that most individuals take for granted every day. That is why it is crucial for workers in loud environments to take sufficient measures to protect their ears and minimize the risk of hearing loss over time. As a leading provider of ear protection equipment for various applications, the team at Western Equipment knows how vital this equipment is for personnel in noisy environments. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 important questions about hearing protection to demonstrate the importance of this equipment and help you choose the perfect protection for your needs.

3 Questions to Ask About Hearing Protection

When it comes to hearing protection, it is worth asking yourself the following questions to ensure that you have the information you need to stay safe:

1. When is Hearing Protection Required?

Employees are required to wear proper hearing protection if they are exposed to noise levels above 87 decibels for prolonged periods every day. A good way to tell if you need hearing protection is to see if you need to raise your voice to be heard by an individual that is less than 3 ft away. If both parties need to raise their voice due to noise, hearing protection is likely required. It should be noted that employers must pay for or supply sufficient hearing protection if it is deemed to be necessary. They must also provide replacement hearing protection once the current protection starts to break down or lose effectiveness.

2. What Types of Hearing Protection are Available?

Hearing protection equipment is typically categorized as earmuffs or earplugs. The former is typically worn over the ear, while the other is inserted into the ear. While both types of hearing protection feature several unique characteristics, they are each designed to help reduce the impact of loud noises and perpetually noisy environments to minimize the risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss. Noise-cancelling earmuffs and custom-fitted earplugs tend to be the most common choice for noisy environments due to their balance of comfort and noise reduction, though the best choice for your needs will vary based on your preferences and work environment.

Learn more about each type of hearing protection equipment.

3. What Should You Look for When Choosing Hearing Protection?

When looking at your options for hearing protection, it is crucial to consider the noise level of your workplace and your comfort level while wearing the equipment. Once the class/level of hearing protection has been determined for your work environment, you will need to choose protection that is comfortable to wear all day. If the protection you choose is uncomfortable, you will be far more likely to remove it during the day and increase your risk of hearing loss.

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