3 Vital Types of Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection and Prevention | January 18, 2023

Working at heights can be extremely dangerous without the right training and equipment. Whether you only work at heights every few months or you work up high every day, it is crucial to ensure that you are outfitted with proper fall protection equipment. Without fall protection equipment, accidents can be incredibly harmful and, in some cases, even fatal. As a leading provider of safety products and fall protection equipment, the team at Western Equipment knows how dangerous working at heights can be. That is why we have put together a list of 3 vital types of fall protection equipment to help employees and supervisors ensure that their operation is as safe as it can be.  

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3 Important Pieces of Fall Protection Equipment

The following types of fall protection equipment should always be worn when working at heights to minimize the risk of injury or death:

1. Harnesses

Harnesses can serve a variety of purposes depending on the type that is implemented. The primary purpose of most harness systems is to arrest a fall, but they can also aid in retrieval, positioning, and suspension operations. High-end harnesses are designed to be comfortable to wear and work in, making them a necessary item that should be used on every type of job that requires workers to work at heights. Some of the different types of harnesses include:

  • Construction harnesses
  • Positioning harnesses
  • Retrieval harnesses
  • Tower harnesses
  • Universal harnesses
  • Welding harnesses

2. Safety Belts

In jobs that have the possibility of a fall, safety belts can be used in conjunction with a harness system to further reduce the risk of injury. Safety belts restrain workers from a leading edge and are designed for optimal comfort and versatility, allowing for effective usage in various environments. The two primary types of safety belts are industrial body belts, which are lightweight, multifunctional, and streamlined, and miner’s belts, which are extremely tough and feature multiple straps for accessories and tools.

3. Lanyards

Lanyards are the line that links a worker to an anchor point, preventing them from falling to the ground. These units come in different lengths and weight capacities and are made of cable or strong webbing material. Some of the different types of lanyards include:

  • Positioning lanyards
  • Self-retracting lanyards
  • Shock-absorbing lanyards
  • Tower lanyards
  • Tie-back lanyards

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