Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Chainsaws are effective cutting tools that can be used for various applications ranging from logging to small tasks around the yard. Whether you are a professional that uses your chainsaw every day or a homeowner that only uses it every few weeks, it is crucial to keep your chainsaw maintained and in good working order. Failure to maintain your chainsaw can drastically reduce the useable life of the unit and increase the risk of accidents or injury. As a leading provider of quality outdoor power equipment, the team at Western Equipment knows how important proper maintenance is for every tool. That is why we have provided some chainsaw maintenance tips to help you keep your chainsaw working as it should for years to come.

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5 Tips for Effective Chainsaw Maintenance

To maximize the usable life and functionality of your chainsaw, be sure to perform the following actions:

1. Keep the Chainsaw Clean of Debris

Chainsaws typically generate a large amount of debris during use. If left alone, this debris can clog up various areas of the unit, compromising its functionality and safety. That is why it is crucial to ensure that you always take the time to clean your chainsaw after use. This is especially true for the air filter, as it can easily become clogged with various materials.

2. Maintain Oil Levels

Using a chainsaw with low oil levels will drastically increase the amount of wear it ensures during use. That is why it is always worth checking the chainsaw’s bar and chain oil levels before operation. If it is low, it will need to be topped off before use.

3. Keep the Chain Sharp

If your chain is dull, the saw will need to work harder to accomplish each cut. This drastically increases the wear on the saw, the fuel consumed, and the effort required from the user during each cut. To ensure optimal cutting power, be sure that the chain is sharpened regularly and replaced when needed.

4. Rotate the Bar and Keep the Chain Tight

Make sure that the bar is frequently rotated to ensure that it wears down evenly. The chain tension should also be checked regularly and tightened when needed as this will prevent additional wear from occurring during operation.

5. Maintain the Engine

The amount and type of engine maintenance required will vary depending on your chainsaw. Some common tasks that should be completed for every engine include:

  • Cleaning the carburetor.
  • Checking plugs.
  • Keeping the clutch lubricated.
  • Maintaining the starter and checking for excessive wear and tear on the starter cord.

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