Forestry Equipment for Logging Purposes

Running a smooth operation in the logging industry requires a variety of equipment. There are many pieces of forestry equipment for logging purposes that should always be handy at every logging site. At Western Equipment, we know what is needed to keep a logging operation moving like a well-oiled machine, which is why we offer a wide variety of logging equipment and forestry supplies, as well as services to forestry companies who want to prioritize safety and efficiency.

Types of Forestry Equipment

Aside from chainsaws, there are many pieces of forestry equipment that should be present on every logging jobsite. Some of these pieces of logging equipment include:

Tree Marking Equipment

Any paints or sprays used for marking trees should be environmentally friendly and non-flammable. Many high-quality marking paints, like the ones from Aervoe, are able to be used in wet conditions and can be used on logs, trees, and cut wood.

Axes and Mauls

Axes and mauls for logging purposes need to be top quality to avoid breaking while on the job. These tools are useful for splitting wood at any location. Axes are capable of chopping across a wood fibre, and mauls are designed to split wood along the wood grain.

Rigging Equipment

Having a good setup for forestry rigging equipment is vital. Whether it is lifting chains, shackles, and choker hooks for hoisting loads securely, butt rigging assemblies for directing a falling tree, or cable clamps for tightening cable rigging, it is important to have and maintain a full inventory of rigging equipment for logging. Wire rope and wire rope assemblies are also important to have ready to go for any job.

Forestry Fire Fighting Tools

Having the right forestry tools for containing and eliminating fires can save lives. Fire pump plastic backpacks use a high-volume pump to spray down forest fires, while a Pulaski is useful in constructing firebreaks. Ideally, these tools would never need to be used, but every logging operation should keep these tools available in case of an emergency.


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