Personal Protective Equipment: Keeping Worksites Safe

Personal protective equipment is specifically designed for keeping worksites safe by protecting workers from potential risks and health hazards. At Western Equipment, we understand how important it is for you to be able to ensure the overall safety of everyone working on the jobsite. That is why we carry a wide selection of safety supplies and equipment.

The Importance of Personal protective equipment

Worksite accidents can occur frequently in the construction industry and a lack of personal protective equipment can only make matters worse. Personal protective equipment like a cbrn suit, for instance, is designed to help protect workers from potential health and safety risks while on the worksite, especially in cases where engineering or administrative controls are unable to reduce worksite risks. Potential worksite hazards can be anything from falling debris to wet floors and everything in between.

Types of Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is designed for a wide range of different applications. Some of the different types of personal protective equipment include:

Head Protection

Head protection, such as hard hats, are designed to protect workers from falling objects like equipment or other materials. This type of personal protective equipment is tough enough to stand up to objects that would otherwise impact or penetrate workers. Proper head protection should be well-fitted, fitting snugly against the head, and can be equipped with accessories such as earmuffs and face shields.

Fall Protection

Having the proper fall protection equipment available is important for workplace safety. At Western Equipment, we proudly carry the Peakworks Canada fall protection equipment lineup which includes fall protection kits, lanyards, harnesses, lifelines and more.

Eye and Face Protection

Just like head protection, eye and face protection equipment is a precautionary measure that can help keep workers safe from certain hazards. Personal protective equipment, such as full-face shields, can help protect the face from flying debris, while safety goggles are designed to protect the eyes from flying scraps of metal or wood.

Hand Protection

Hand protection can help save the skin on your hands from being damaged at work. Even though most jobs in the construction industry require hand protection, it is important to ensure that the proper type of hand protection is being worn. The proper use of hand protection, such as gloves, can help avoid potential damage caused by chemicals, glass, sheet metal, electricity, hot materials, or slippery objects.

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection equipment, such as respirators, are specifically designed to protect the user from dust, fumes, paint spray, pesticides, and other dangerous substances that may cause permanent damage. This type of personal protective equipment should be used in all work environments that contain air contaminants.

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