What is the Most Powerful Makita Battery?

Makita Tools | October 28, 2021

With nearly a century of manufacturing experience and expertise, Makita power tools are trusted by operators in a variety of industries around the world. Whether you need a cordless drill for a DIY project or a cordless saw for a construction project, Makita offers a reliable and effective solution. In addition to the extensive corded power tool lineup, Makita is known for their efficient and powerful cordless tools. These cordless tools are powered by a variety of different lithium battery packs in different voltage and amp hour configurations. Among these batteries, the Makita XGT 40V/80V series is the most powerful Makita battery. As leading providers of Makita tools, the team at Western Equipment has provided some information on these batteries to help you determine if they are right for you.

Do Makita batteries fit all Makita tools?

Benefits of Makita XGT Batteries

The Makita XGT series features innovative batteries that offer the following benefits:

Extended Run Times

The 40V/80V XGT series is the culmination of nearly 100 years of engineering experience and knowledge. Through the use of two 40V battery packs that can be run parallel or in series, the XGT series offers extended run times for the most demanding applications. In addition to series/parallel capabilities, each battery features built-in microchips and digital communication to monitor heat, overload, and discharge levels, optimizing run times. The XGT charger also features dual cooling fans and smart technology to fully charge both batteries in 50 minutes or less.

Enhanced Durability

Makita XGT batteries feature a durable impact-absorbent structure to provide enhanced protection for drops and impacts. A durable outer casing and cell holder creates space within the battery for better impact distribution and absorption, minimizing the risk of damage. Each battery also features a water and dust-resistant layered structure, protecting internal components in any site condition.

One Battery System, Hundreds of Tools

The same XGT battery system can be used for hundreds of powerful tools ranging from drills and saws to sanders and leaf blowers. The primary purpose of this battery system is to provide operators and project sites with the ability to become completely cordless. This enhances productivity, increases safety, and makes the job easier for operators as they no longer need to manage long cords to get the job done.

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