What Safety Equipment is Required for Warehouse Employees?

Safety is of the utmost importance for every warehouse regardless of size, equipment, and the number of workers present on a typical shift. While proper training and safe operating techniques are vital, it is also important to ensure that all personnel have the equipment they need to stay safe while on the job.

As leading providers of safety supplies and warehouse equipment, the team at Western Equipment knows how important it is to have the right tools for the job, especially when these tools keep workers safe. That is why we have compiled a list of safety equipment that is required for warehouse employees to help operations stay safe and compliant with safety standards.

Learn when you need to wear hearing protection.

4 Pieces of Safety Equipment Every Warehouse Employee Needs

1. Safety Clothing/Apparel

Steel-toed boots and safety vests are two common examples of safety clothing products that warehouse employees should be wearing at all times. Certain applications may also require the use of flame-resistant clothing or disposable apparel, so these products must be readily available at any time for employees. In addition to dedicated safety apparel, it is important to confirm that all warehouse personnel are wearing clothing that is not too loose or long as it can get caught in equipment or tools.

2. Hand Protection

From pallet splinters to lacerations, there are a variety of injuries that can occur to a warehouse worker’s hands throughout a typical shift. Therefore, during their particular shifts, all warehouse employees are advised to wear a pair of durable safety gloves that can fit well and also minimize the risk of injuries. If these gloves do not fit well, employees will be less likely to wear them as they will hinder their productivity, so be sure to invest in getting the fit right for each employee.

3. Ear Protection

With various forklifts and other equipment running at the same time, warehouses can be extremely noisy environments. If a warehouse worker will be performing their duties in a noisy (85 decibels and up) area of your facility, they must be supplied with proper hearing protection.

4. Head and Face Protection

Hard hats should be worn by all personnel to reduce the risk of head injuries. If an employee will be working with power tools or potentially dangerous materials, they should also be supplied with a face shield or safety glasses to minimize the risk of eye injury. As is the case with all safety equipment, these items should fit well to ensure optimal employee comfort and safety.

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