Storage Equipment for Improving Operational Efficiency

Storage, Warehouse Equipment | February 26, 2019

One of the most important factors in the efficiency of a business that stores large volumes of equipment is the organization of their storage system. High-quality warehouse storage equipment can play a large role in a warehouse’s safety, effectiveness, and productivity. At Western Equipment, we provide excellent storage equipment for improving operational efficiency and our products are built to stand up to long-term use.

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Types of Storage Equipment

There are a couple of key types of storage equipment that can improve warehouse organization. Some examples of such storage equipment include:


Shelving is one of the most rudimentary systems of storage equipment that should be found in every warehouse. It allows workers to store supplies and easily access needed materials; however, not all shelving is created equal. Some types of shelving are able to hold greater amounts of weight and some are lightweight and easy to move around. Many of the best types of shelving are adjustable, meaning that, if a piece of material being stored needs a higher overhead, the shelves can be rearranged to accommodate the larger supplies.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is essentially a larger-scale, heavier-duty form of shelving that is built to accommodate full pallets of material. This type of warehouse storage equipment is designed to support heavy loads and be customized to suit any space and hold any type of material necessary.

Bin Boxes

If a company has a high volume of small bulk stock, such as building hardware, safety gear, or any other loose items, bin boxes can help keep materials organized and tidy. This type of storage system can be used in warehouses or on sales floors where bulk materials are being sold to customers.


To greatly improve a storage system for any operation, a mezzanine can be implemented. Mezzanines create an extra floor above any warehouse or showroom floor and can be used for office space, small stock storage, workspace, or extra showroom space. High-quality mezzanines are not only safe for workers and customers but can also be disassembled and moved if an operation needs to change locations or reorganize a space.

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