Tire Chain Installation for Large Trucks

Installation Tips, Tire Chains | October 30, 2017

At Western Equipment, we know how important tire chains are when driving on icy roads, especially during a harsh Canadian winter. That is why we carry a wide selection of tire chains, including products from TRYGG, which is specifically designed to help large and small trucks to reach their destination safely. You can also find products from companies such as Fram, and Laclede with us. Moreover, people who drive vehicles like dump trucks, jumbo cabs, deck vans, farming special trucks, etc. can benefit from this article. Here are some simple tire chain installation tips for large trucks that will help ensure that your tire chains are able to function properly.

How to Install Tire Chains on a Large Trucks

While not all truckers have to experience installing tire chains while on the job, it is an important skill to have in the event that you are driving through an area with specific chain laws or if your truck gets stuck. In order to properly install tire chains on a large truck, you can follow these simple instructions:

  • Lay the tire chains flat to inspect. Be sure the adjustment cams are placed facing outward on the outside of the tire, so they are easily accessible.
  • Pick up the tire chain on the side closest to the truck and drape it over the tire, so the chain is distributed as evenly as possible. Make sure that the clips that secure the cross chains are facing outward, so that they do not rub on the sidewall of the tire.
  • Reach behind the duals to hook the inside clip of the tire chain.
  • Snugly tighten the cams on the front face of the wheel with an adjusting wrench. In order to do this, insert the wrench into the cam and turn it to increase the tension in the chain.
  • To create extra security and tension for the tire chains, you can use regular bungee straps or you can buy a specialized set of tire straps. These rubber straps can be hooked onto the chain, evenly spaced to secure and tighten up the entire configuration.

4 Useful Tire Chain Installation Tips

  • Test your tire chain installation – once all of your tire chains have been secured, drive about an 1/8th of a mile and then examine the chains again to double check that they are still secure. This will help prevent instances when the chains can come off while you are driving, causing serious damage to the truck.
  • When to remove the chains – tire chains are designed to run on snow. Once you hit dry or wet pavement, you should stop and remove them.
  • Travel slowly – a truck with tire chains on is not meant to travel fast. Going too fast can cause the chains to break away, fly loose, and damage the equipment.
  • Chain requirements – make sure to check the provincial and state requirements for the areas that you will be driving through, including the minimum number of tire chains

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