Tire Chain Maintenance Tips

Tire Chains | April 19, 2018

Tire chain maintenance tips can help keep truck drivers safe on the road in even the harshest Canadian winter. At Western Equipment, we understand how important maintaining tire chains is to their overall effectiveness. That is why we carry a wide range of tire chain products that are extremely easy to maintain.

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1. Protecting Tire Chains from Corrosion

The worst thing that can happen to tire chains is when they succumb to rust, after collecting nicks and scratches from months of use. Once corrosion sets in, tire chains can become ineffective. In order to properly maintain tire chains from corrosion, consider wiping down the chains with an oil-based water displacer or lubricant to prevent them from staying moist when not in use. It is also a good idea to hang up tire chains when not in use to keep them coated with oil and to prevent the links from rusting together.

2. Keeping Tire Chains Tight

When choosing tire chains for your vehicle, always ensure that they are the right size. One of the easiest ways for tire chains to become damaged is by attaching them too loosely to a truck’s tires. Loose chains can slam against the road, cutting their usable lifespan by about 50% and causing potential damage to the truck itself, as the chain strikes against the body or suspension. In order to ensure that tire chains are installed properly on your truck, consider driving a short distance after first installing them and then stop to retighten the chains as necessary.

3. Slowing Down While Driving

It is important to remember that tire chains are not meant for driving at high speeds, as moving too quickly can cause undue stress on the chains and increase the likelihood of them breaking. If you are able to drive at more than 50km/hr, chances are that you do not need to be using tire chains at all.

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