Which Type of Sling is Right for Your Project?

Lifting Equipment, Rigging Equipment | December 15, 2022

Rigging, slinging, and lifting can be extremely complex and difficult tasks depending on the item(s) being lifted, the project environment, and other considerations. When working with hooks, cables, chains, and slings, it is crucial to ensure that you are choosing the right products for your project requirements. As a leading provider of quality wire rope and chain sling solutions, the team at Western Equipment knows how beneficial the right products can be for projects of all sizes. That is why we have compiled some information to help you determine which type of sling is right for your project and help you get the job done right.

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3 Popular Types of Slings

Some of the most popular types of slings available include:

1. Chain Slings

Chain slings are highly durable and flexible pieces of rigging equipment that are ideally suited for operating rigging and material handling equipment in high temperatures or harsh conditions. This type of sling is completely collapsible, making it easy to store, inspect, and repair. Chain slings come in a variety of different options, including:

  • Bridles 
  • Decorative chain slings
  • Galvanized chain slings
  • General-purpose chain slings
  • Lifting chain slings
  • Tie down chain slings

2. Web Slings

If you are looking to lift or move delicate equipment, a web sling might be the perfect option for your needs. These units are constructed from durable polyester and nylon fibres to provide a high level of strength, abrasion resistance, and minimized elongation. Web slings are available in a variety of different tensile strengths and are designed to absorb the effects of heavy shock loads, allowing you to select the ideal option for every item you need to lift.

3. Round Slings

Known for its versatility and strength, round slings or tubular slings can be used in choker, vertical, and basket hitch applications. All round slings are made from a continuous loop of synthetic polyester yarns that are fully enclosed by a protective cover. With a wide range of different options available, this type of sling is colour coated to indicate load capacity and comes with a durable tag, making it easy to choose the correct round sling for your specific needs. 

To learn more about our selection of rope and sling products, get in touch with the team at Western Equipment. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products or your project.