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Trygg, Fram, and Laclede are the best tire chain brands on the market. Their tire chains come in V-bar, square link, and studded. We specialize in tire chains for the forestry industry, logging trucks, road building, and skidders on the side of a mountain.

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There are tire chain products that are designed for every type of use, from passenger cars and SUVs to trucks and airport transporters. At Western Equipment, we are one of Canada's largest dealers of TRYGG tire chains

TRYGG Tire Chains

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TRYGG tire chains are produced from the highest quality European steel and are globally recognized as a leader within the tire chain market. All TRYGG tire chains are guaranteed to have unmatched quality in every link, and are designed for a wide variety of applications. Known for their superior grip and long lifespan, TRYGG tire chains come in a large variety of different patterns and dimensions. TRYGG tire chains are also the most flexible on the market, allowing you to shorten or extend your tire chains as you move them between machines.

One of Canada's Largest Dealers of TRYGG Tire Chains

Western Equipment is proud to be one of Canada's largest dealers of TRYGG tire chains, stocking a huge selection for various industries, including for transportation, construction, the forestry industry, tractors, trucks, and ATVs. At Western Equipment, we carry a wide range of tire chain sizes and thicknesses, and we can even have TRYGG tire chains custom made to fit your specific vehicle.

TRYGG Tire Chains

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Did you know: we are one of Canada's largest dealers of TRYGG Tire Chains.

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V-Bar Tire Chains

V-Bar is a ladder-style chain used for pickup trucks and SUVs. Each link on the cross chain has several "V" shaped links welded in place that work like an ice pick to give great traction, even on ice. These chains are also great for off-road use. If you are thinking about choosing a V-Bar tire chain for your vehicle, you should first make sure that there is at least 3-fingers between the tire and any other part of the vehicle.

Square Link Tire Chains

Square link, ladder style tire chains are used to create better traction in icy or snowy conditions. These tire chains are made from strong, hardened alloy steel, and can have a longer lifespan compared to other types of tire chains. The web of square links creates more surface area than twist link chains or cable chains, which means that there is more metal-on-asphalt contact. Square link tire chains also come in a range of sizes to fit all types of vehicles.

Studded Tire Chains

Studded tire chains are manufactured from alloy steel that is case hardened for added durability. These tire chains have robotically fused studs that provide the ultimate in off-road traction.

Laclede Chain Manufacturing Co.

Laclede Chain Manufacturing Company LLC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of industrial chains and tire traction chains. Hardware & Industrial products include all grades of welded chain including overhead lifting chains, transportation tie down chains, high test chain, proof coil chain and several types of weldless chain. We offer a full line of chain hooks, fittings, and other accessories. Our Tire Chain Division manufactures and imports several classifications of chains for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, commercial trucks, buses, tractors and off-road vehicles.

TRYGG Tire Chains

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