TRYGG Tire Chains

TRYGG chains are widely recognized as a global leader within the tire chain market. All of their tire chains are produced using the highest quality steel from European steelworks, and their entire production process is 100% controlled by TRYGG.

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trygg tire chains and fram tire chains from western equipment

Through maintaining complete control, TRYGG chains are guaranteed to have unmatched quality in every link. TRYGG chains prides themselves on maintaining a wide variety of products, as well as tailor-made solutions that are guaranteed to keep customers satisfied.

Tire Chain Catalogues from TRYGG and FRAM

Trygg Tire Chain Catalog

TRYGG Tire Chains Catalogue 2021

View our huge selection of TRYGG Tire Chains for various industries.

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Trygg Tire Chain Catalog

TRYGG Tire Chains Catalogue 2020

View our huge selection of TRYGG Tire Chains for various industries.

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Farm Tire Chains

FRAM Tire Chains Catalogue 2018

View our huge selection of FRAM Tire Chains for various industries.

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Trygg Tire Chains for Transportation

TRYGG tire chains are available in a wide variety of styles, from light chains with high comfort made with conventional studded chains with square links to floating diamond patterned chains for heavy machinery and difficult conditions. These chains are ideal for all types of transportation applications, and are guaranteed to help get the job done safely and efficiently.

TRYGG tire chains for transportation

TRYGG Tire Chains for Construction

If you are looking for tire chains that can handle the high stress pressure of everyday construction jobs, TRYGG tire chains are the best option for your needs. Not only are TRYGG tire chains specifically designed to endure high stress workloads but they are also custom heat-treated and contain metal alloys that ensure the maximum lifespan of all TRYGG construction chains.

trygg tire chains for construction


TRYGG Tire Chains for the Forestry Industry

TRYGG tire chains for the forestry industry are well known for their superior grip and long lifespan. These tire chains come in a wide variety of patterns and dimensions, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your specific needs and equipment.

TRYGG tire chains for forestry

TRYGG Tire Chains for Tractors

All TRYGG tire chains for tractor purposes work for all types of applications, from roading to forestry, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for tractor tire chains for professional or hobby use, TRYGG tire chains are a great solution because they are the most flexible tire chains on the market. This means that shortening or extending your tire chains as you move them between machines has never been easier.

TRYGG tire chains for tractors

TRYGG Tire Chains for Trucks & ATVs

TRYGG chains also offers a variety of tire chains for everyday uses, such as for pick-up trucks and ATVs. These tire chains come in a wide range of sizes and are offered with 5mm up to 8mm or more of thickness. You can also choose from tire chains that have studs on every other link for high ground pressure and better grip or tire chains that have square links without studs, which are gentler on concrete floors.

TRYGG tire chains for trucks and ATVs

TRYGG Tire Chains from Western Equipment

At Western Equipment, we know that TRYGG tire chains are some of the best in the world. That is why we are so proud to offer our customers one of the largest selections of TRYGG tire chains in Canada. No matter what tire chain application you are looking for (construction, transportation, tractors, the forestry industry, or for everyday uses), we can help.

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